Our Owner

The Bank is a regional Bank. It operates principally in Lebanon, the MENA region and, since November 1, 2012, in Turkey, offering a full range of products and services that principally cover commercial and corporate banking, retail and personal banking and private banking, as well as ancillary activities such as investment banking and factoring. As at end-December 2016, the Bank ranked first among Lebanese banks in terms of total assets (LL 66,732 billion), shareholders’ equity (LL 5,575 billion), customers’ deposits (LL 54,203 billion), loans and advances (LL 25,951 billion) and net profits (LL 709 billion). In addition to its historic presence in Lebanon, Switzerland and France, the Group currently operates in Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Abu Dhabi (through a representative office), Monaco, Turkey and Iraq.

As at end-December 2016, the Bank had one of the largest branch networks in Lebanon, with 84 branches (80 operating) covering the Greater Beirut area and other strategic regions in Lebanon, as well as, through its foreign subsidiaries, a network of 117 branches in the MENAT region (outside of Lebanon), including 15 branches in Jordan, 43 in Egypt and 50 branches in Turkey. The Bank has two subsidiaries in Lebanon, two subsidiaries in Europe, as well as an asset management company in Monaco, four subsidiaries in the MENA region outside Lebanon and a subsidiary in Turkey.

Since 2005, the Bank has undertaken significant regional expansion and has the fourth largest coverage among the top 15 Arab banking institutions in the MENA region with operations in 10 countries, excluding Lebanon, through a network of branches and subsidiaries developed mainly through green-field operations. As a result of this regional expansion, an increasing percentage of the Bank’s assets are contributed by its operations outside Lebanon. Management intends to continue to seek growth opportunities both in Lebanon and abroad over the medium term.