Institutions Desk

  • Execution: Our team facilitates transactions and provides execution for our institutional clients in the Egyptian Market.
  • Expertise: We pride ourselves on knowing our market best, and have a strong Institutional Sales and Trading Team.
  • Service: All of our clients are served by a designated account manager. Your account manager will serve as your point of access to the market. Sourcing and executing trades on your behalf.

You will also have convenient access to the leading web-based trading system in the
Egypt, Online Trading. Moreover, in this fast-paced investment climate, we are
constantly working to improve our line of services to keep pace with the changing
needs of our clients.

  • Reports: Our desk follows-up with its clients through an accurate reporting system which relies on several types of reports.
    1. Initial Report: This report contains data and details agreed upon with the client; in
    addition to data of the team, whether from the sales or other assisting departments.
    2. Tracking Reports:
    – Market Flow.
    – Orders status (during execution).
    – Confirmation of orders execution.
    – Unexecuted orders due to price or unavailability of the quantity desired.