Cash Management

Can I deposit or withdraw cash at Arabeya Online’s office or agent offices?

  • No. Arabeya Online does not allow direct cash deposits or withdrawals from its Head Office or agent offices.
  • You can deposit cash in your sub-account at the Arab African International Bank or Bank Audi (opened by us) or in Arabeya Online accounts at CIB, Banque Misr or National Bank of Egypt, if there are no Arab African International Bank branches near you. To do this you must notify us by filling in the form available on our website or by contacting your account officer by email or telephone; Our hotline:16225.
  • To withdraw money, either by a Bank check or transfer, you must fill in the form on our website or contact your account officer by email or telephone (16225). We can either issue a Bank check or transfer the money to your personal account at any bank. Clients do not pay any transfer fees, in case of transferring to Arab African International Bank, Audi and Ahli United Bank; In case of transferring to CIB, EGP10 will be deducted.

Can I check my cash balance on the website?

Yes. You can do this by clicking on to Position Summary, where you will find your Net Cash Balance, Cash Available for Withdrawal, Cash Available for Buying, Frozen Cash and Total Portfolio Value (Cash + Stocks).

Can I check my stock portfolio on the website?

Yes,  You can check your stock portfolio status through Detailed Position, where you will find Stock Name, Total Quantity, under settlement quantity, held quantity,  Quantity Available for Selling T+2, Quantity Available for Selling T+0, currency , average cost ,and other information such as Market Value, market price ,unrealized Gain/loss.