Margin Trading

What is a margin loan?

A margin loan is effectively a personal loan, attracting interest, which gives you more leverage to buy additional securities. The money is added to your account and is guaranteed (100%) by the value of margin trading stocks in your portfolio (Stocks against which we can offer a loan are specified by EFSA and EGX). The percentages offered are according to the number of stocks in the client's portfolio as below:  
  • We offer the client 50% in case he owns only 1 stock.
  • We offer the client 80% in case he owns 2 stocks; given that each stock represents not less than 10% of the portfolio value.
  • We offer the client 90% in case he owns 3 stocks or more; given that each stock represents not less than 10% of the portfolio value.
  • Maximum Loan to be offered is EGP1.5M; can be increased by signing a certain letter to be sent to Bank Audi.

How do I start margin trading?

You begin by signing the following documents: Bank Audi's Contract as custodian. Margin Trading Contract. Query Delegation. Financing Loan Request for Margin Trading.

What else do I need?

Arabeya Online requires a sub-account for margin trading, which can be activated by: Depositing cash in your sub account, or Transferring same day stocks from your normal account to your margin account.

Can I buy OTC (Over-The-Counter) stocks through my margin trading account?

No, Clients can only buy Same Day Trading (T+0) and Margin Trading stocks.

How do you calculate the interest on my margin loan?

There are two methods:
  • First Method: an annual interest rate of 4% above the official lending and discount rate announced by the Central Bank of Egypt. Interest is calculated daily and charged monthly on the used portion of the loan.
  • Second Method: A rate of 1.65% of the highest amount of loan used and calculated at the end of each month. Note: If you do not use your margin lending facility, Arabeya online will not deduct any interest. The same applies if a client uses the facility for same day trading. i.e. interest will not be deducted.

Can Arabeya Online force clients to settle their margin trading accounts?

  • Bank Audi sends a Margin Call E-mail , if the debt percentage exceeded 60% and if the debt percentage closes at 65% during any session, Bank Audi will sell some stocks during the next session aiming to decrease the debt percentage to less than 60%.

Can I sell my owned stocks at the beginning of the loan for margin trading or will the stocks be encumbered?

You can sell the stocks at any time, as they will not be encumbered.

Can I withdraw from, or stop margin trading?

Yes. You can close your margin trading account whenever you like on the condition that any debts are settled beforehand.

When are interest and fees deducted?

At the end of each month.