Online Trading

Do I have to install a special program on my computer to be able to trade online?

  • No, our main online trading platform is browser-based (through our website, using your own user name and password.
  • We recommend subscription to a desktop application empowered by MIST (Misr Information Services & Trading) which provides clients with real-time quotes and the ability to trade.

If I sell a stock, can I use the sales proceeds to buy on the same day?

  • Yes,  After selling a stock, the amount receivable is credited immediately to your account cash balance, which you can use to buy more stocks, but you cannot withdraw the proceeds from your account before the Sell Contract is settled.

Is Same Day Trading (T+0) available at Arabeya Online?

Yes, T+0 is available at Arabeya Online, subject to the limitations of allowable stocks and quantities, except for minors and that’s according to Market Capital Authority regulations.

Is there any difference between the fees for (T+0) trading and (T+2) normal trading?

Yes, The brokerage fees for (T+0) trading are half those for the normal trading

What if I did not sell my T+0 stocks in the same session?

In such cases, the stocks will be settled after 2 days.

Is there a GDR (Global Depositary Receipt) desk at Arabeya Online?

There are no GDR facilities at Arabeya Online.

What kind of security is used to protect the website?

Arabeya Online uses Firewalls and an SSL Certificate (secure sockets layer) to protect our website.

Can I place an order verbally over the phone?

Yes. Please call your account officer who will record the conversation and place the order for you.

What if I have a complaint, suggestion or question?

You may log into our website, write your complaint or suggestion, and we will respond within 48 hours. Arabeya Online management tracks all complaints and suggestions so as to guarantee speedy and satisfactory answers.