Opening an account

What documents do I need to open an account?

It depends on your classification:
  • Egyptian: National ID Number and Unified Code (if one exists(
  • Foreigner: Valid Passport Number and Unified Code (if one exists(
  • Minor: Digital Birth Certificate, National ID Number of natural guardian and Unified Code (if one exists)
  • Company: Valid Commercial Registration, Taxation Card and National ID Number of delegated persons (valid) and Unified Code (if one exists)

How can I open an account if I live outside Cairo?

  • Visit our website at and choose “Open an Account” icon
  • Fill in an Account Opening Form under the Open an Account link on our Home page and one of our customer service officers will call you.
  • We will send you the contract by courier.
  • Fill in the details, sign the documents at the bottom of each page and ask your Bank to verify your signature.
  • Send the (verified) signed contract, plus a copy of your identification documents (National ID if Egyptian or Passport if Foreigner), to 15, Fawzi El Motaie Pasha st., Off Orouba st., Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt.

How much money do I need to open an account?

The minimum amount required is EGP 5,000 in the form of cash, stocks or both.

What are the fees for opening a new account?

There are no fees for opening an account.

Which Custodian Banks does Arabeya Online deal with?

  • Arabeya Online opens a custodian account for its clients at Audi Bank in case of not having a custodian or if the client wants to change his custodian Bank.
  • Arabeya Online also accepts dealing with the following 12 custodians: Arab African International Bank, Arab Bank, Ahli United Bank, Blom Bank, Delta Rasmala Holdings, Faisal Islamic Bank, Piraeus Bank, Al Watany Bank, Misr Iran Development Bank, Crédit Agricole Egypt (Cairo and Alexandria branches), CIB, and Bank Audi.
Note: Clients of Arabeya Online can only have one custodian. If you have stocks with a number of custodians, you must choose one and transfer all your stocks into that custodian.